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Second Fridays

Explore the Fine Arts Building during our monthly open tenant studios event to discover the creativity and history throughout all ten floors of the Fine Arts Building.

Upcoming Events

Experience the musicals, comedy shows, concerts, dance, puppetry, opera, and more at the majestic Studebaker Theater in the Fine Arts Building.

Our History

From the 19th century to today, the Fine Arts Building is the heartbeat of arts and culture in America, home to music schools, literary clubs – and social, political, and cultural movements.

Windows Into History

Explore the Fine Arts Building's history with two exhibits on the 5th floor, in celebration of the building's 125th anniversary.

Tenant Directory

Discover the tenants of the Fine Arts Building - musicians, architects, dancers, artists, puppeteers, booksellers, luthiers, and much more - who make this building a home for art in all forms.

Visit The Fine Arts Building

The Fine Arts Building

Fine Arts Building, 410 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

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