Ticket Delivery Methods and Fees

Tickets orders will receive a flat $6.00 fee. This fee applies to orders made online or through the Box Office. This fee applies to all orders made through our system or with our Box Office Agents. Since refunds are not available and fees apply on a per order basis, guests are strongly advised to confirm all details of their order before it is placed. (For example, the number of tickets in your order; the ticket types you have selected; the date, time, and area of the hall you have chosen; and the credit card you use to make your order.)

Electronic Tickets

For tickets that arrive through email, guests are provided with a confirmation email and transaction details: items purchased, fees, payment amount, and the payment method used. This is not your ticket(s). Confirmation details are also contained in the guest account. Event tickets will arrive as a link, and are available in the guest’s account.Event tickets may be scanned from mobile devices, or printed and brought to the event for scanning.

Guests should be advised that Spam and Junk folder settings may prevent tickets from arriving in your inbox. Guests should search these folders for event tickets before contacting the Box Office, as this is likely where emails containing tickets have arrived.

If you have not received an order confirmation or your event tickets within 48 hours of an order, please contact the box office for assistance.

Fine Arts Building does not assume responsibility for personal device settings, email blocks, or the failure of email deliveries. If a guest has opt-ed out of our email communications they may not be able to access tickets via email. 


Will Call

Event tickets may be obtained from the onsite Box Office at 410 S Michigan Avenue, which opens two hours prior to show time. Tickets may not be retrieved before this designated time.

Guests are highly encouraged to use the electronic ticket delivery method. Not only does this help ensure that any questions about your order are addressed with ample time, but it also eases congestion at the will-call windows. This is particularly helpful to guests who are attending sold out events.


Fine Arts Building does not offer the option for mail for any of its events. Mail is not a standard delivery option offered by our Box Office. In rare settings when a delivery method of mail is required, guests will incur a flat shipping charge of $8.00 and an additional handling fee of $18.00. 

The delivery method of mail is not available within 14 days of an event. 

Fine Arts Building is not responsible for mail carrier delays. Any tickets that are returned will not be mailed twice, instead all returned tickets are held a will call.

Guests are highly encouraged to use either the electronic ticket delivery or will call delivery options. To request an order by mail, guests must call the Box Office at 312-753-3210 or email tickets@fineartsbuilding.com

The mail delivery option is not available online.


Transfer of delivery method

Our box office is unable to transfer the delivery method of a ticket. For example, tickets that were ordered and requested for will call, cannot be transferred to an electronic delivery method, or vice versa. We find the best delivery method for an order is the electronic method.

Ticket Reprint

In the event that guests require their ticket(s) to be reprinted or have their electronic tickets reprinted as physical tickets, a reprint fee of $1.00 will be applied, per ticket. Reprinted, physical tickets can only be held at will call.


The Fine Arts Building’s performance venues, Studebaker Theater and Carriage Hall, are operated by Arts Entertainment LLC.