What type of information is collected by Fine Arts Building?

This Privacy Policy details how personal information is collected, used, and shared when visiting the Fine Arts Building website and/or making a purchase through this site. As part of the ticket buying process we collect purchase-related data associated with the customer’s online account. This information must be volunteered at the time of account set up and the sale of goods on the Fine Arts Building website. These details include the buyer’s personal details such as Name, E-mail address, Birthdate, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Credit Card Information, and any information required to complete the registration or sale process. This information is also required to maintain and sustain a user account online.

As a US resident, you are able to access personal data we have about you; and upon request, it may be altered, corrected, updated, or deleted entirely. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, contact us through the information provided below.

If a ticket buyer’s information and data exists in territories outside of the US, and they are a user of this site, personal data will be transferred and processed in the US. For example, if tickets from our site are purchased in foreign countries or with financial instruments outside of US regulation, personal card details will be transferred outside of the territory and into the US.

Purchases and donation history are recorded transactions that are stored on behalf of our customers and groups. Personal data is also collected when you reply to a survey, submit an application for employment or internship, or if you contact us by mail, in-person, or over the telephone.

Why is my data being collected?

We are committed to providing competitive and efficient service. This list includes the ways that the Fine Arts Building is able to provide the best experience possible using the data that we have about our customers:

Specific and Specialized Purpose

Data that is collected for a specific purpose will execute that intended purpose. This refers to data collected during the ticket-buying process. This information is used to execute requests to buy tickets or to register for events. This purpose extends to online payment and credit card processing.


Fine Arts Building regularly communicates with audience segments regarding critical details about show times, event information, cancellations, postponements, and reschedules. Collected data helps to ensure that we are able to provide customers with the necessary details surrounding ticket purchases and events. Affiliated partners and promoters may also use collected data to communicate about related events, or offer cross promotions that may be of interest. To opt-out of these communications at any time, visit your account online, contact us over the phone, or simply unsubscribe to any communication that is sent to you..

Fine Arts Building Business Operations

Collected data can also be used to inform our business practice and operations, especially as it pertains to fraud and prevention, sales and customer buying performance, as well as any research required to execute industry and marketing analysis.

Presenter Business

Some data is shared with presenters of the Fine Arts Building performance spaces. This information can include details about sales, sales volume, promotional codes, discounts, and related offers. Presenting bodies may request information to market and communicate with audiences of the Fine Arts Building. It is common that presenting partners also require customer data to maintain and analyze their overall business performance while licensing Fine Arts Building performance venues.

Personalized Customization

Data that is collected can also be used to customize the user experience on the Fine Arts Building website, including but not limited to recommendations, related content, and advertisements.

Safety and Obligatory Sharing

Less frequently, the Fine Arts Building may be required by local, state (IL), or federal law to relinquish customer information to third parties. These are rare and uncommon settings where Fine Arts Building must provide information that protects against fraud, crime, or the safety of the general public.

How is my data being shared?

In contained instances, Fine Arts Building may share your data in the following settings:

Service Providers, Consultants, and Vendors

Fine Arts Building works with a series of vendors, services providers, and consultants who may require customer data for business-related processes. This can include but is not solely limited to marketing and risk management services, Point of Sale softwares, or other business consultation.

Sale of Business

In the event of change of control, merger, or the complete sale of business, Fine Arts Building may share personal data as required by the transfer of its business.

We understand that certain types of information are deemed more sensitive. This pertains to information about our customer’s race, disability, and religious or political affiliation. This type of data is not typically a part of the greater gamut of information that we cull. However, when collected, there is a clear and transparent reason that this information is required. For example, we may collect health information about the use of a personal wheelchair, walker, or motorized scooter. This important information is used in order to support and arrange accommodations that are required for a customer’s successful visit to the theater. Public health also dictates that we affirm practices that uphold the safety of visitors to our venues and within our public spaces. Therefore, health data regarding vaccination against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and its variants may be collected on visitors to our venues and facilities.

In some marketing settings, we may collect information about a customer’s race to best understand the community that creates our audiences and to understand the impact of our overall and operations. Data regarding race, ethnicity, and religion also assists Fine Arts Building in its commitment and strategic growth which supports racial diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Cookies Tracking and Data

Small files in text form are placed onto your computer or mobile device when you visit a website that enables user tracking. These files are also known as cookies. Cookies are created by visiting a website during a browsing session, or they persist on the computer hard drive. Cookies are widely used and help to make websites function more easily while providing information that is specific, relevant, and useful to the customer’s visit. Tracking cookies cannot grant access to the user’s computer or any information that is stored within it. Cookies used throughout the Fine Arts Building website are categorized as advertising, analytics, personalization, security, site management, third-party, and for our own first-party use.

Fine Arts Building as well as selected third parties utilize tracking (cookies) and related technologies for website function and for the reasons outlined within this information. When visiting the Fine Arts Building website, some information is automatically collected, including data about the web browser in use, the IP address used to access the site, the user’s time zone, as well as related information about the type of device and system accessing the site: Android, iOS, desktop computer, tablet, etc.

While visiting our site, we also collect data about the types of pages visited, the events, products, and the merchandise viewed. Data surrounding search engines, social media platforms, and keywords that helped the visitor find and interact with the Fine Arts Building website is also collected.

We also collect information about how our customers interact with our email campaigns and related communications. For example, if a customer receives information from Fine Arts Building through the mail, this information is stored. As it pertains to email that arrives through an ISP provider and email server, we track a customer’s interaction with it. For example, we record if the email has been opened; which links have been clicked; and also the time and world region within which the email was accessed.

Fine Arts Building also collects and uses data from social media such as Facebook/Metaverse, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Our technology infrastructure also includes the use of customer data from Google Analytics.

Website visitors are able to find, manage, and adjust cookie settings using the most common internet browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, among others.

The Fine Arts Building website also uses web beacons and pixel tags which are intended to improve and customize the website experience. These objects are embedded in a web page (or an email) and they track the quantity of visitors to a website and its related pages. These tracking tools help create data about the volume of traffic on the Fine Arts Building website as well well as provide statistical information about our online presence and services. Pixel tags and beacons cannot be declined, but they can be limited through control and monitoring of the cookies that relate to them. 

As a user of this site, you are able to manage the categories of tracking applied to your mobile devices or by configuring personal settings to either opt-into or delete cookies. This can be achieved through your device settings. Please notice that by inactivating settings, a customer may not be able to access important areas of the website. By using the Fine Arts Building website you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this privacy policy.

We understand that tracking technologies can be complex. Users of the Fine Arts Building website and our box office platforms are encouraged to contact us for information pertaining to technology used on the site. Contact information is listed below.


Storage and Security

After a purchase is made, some personal details are kept within our ticket system as well as the Credit Card Value, commonly called the CVV, a three-digit signifier located on the back of most credit and debit cards. CVVs are stored in order to provide security and to help prevent fraudulent access or use of the customer’s account. Fine Arts Building, its website, and its ticket system does not store or have access to complete credit card numbers. Personal banking data is held through our payment processor Authorize.net, a secure and dedicated platform that handles the transactional activity related to all details of payment. After a transaction, Fine Arts Building cannot access customer card information, routing criteria, or the complete credit card number of a customer.

Financial purchases and transactions completed through our box office and on the Fine Arts Building website are processed, settled, reconciled, and recorded through our payment processor. Fine Arts Building does not store, maintain, or share banking data on its ticket buyers.

Fine Arts Building complies with all current legal obligations and security measures required by federal and state (IL) regulations as they relate to the collection, security, dissemination, and destruction of its customer and transactional data. Our operations include precautions that are necessary to ensure servers and payment systems are secure from unauthorized third party breach and intrusion.

Opt-Out Procedures & Company Contact Info

Customer data is kept confidential and maintains its place in our administrative systems or until we are otherwise notified by the customer for it to be removed. Removal from our systems implies the immediate deactivation of a user account as well as the loss of access to customer details, sales history, and personal user settings. In some instances that require legal steps or accounting, not every customer record can be removed immediately upon request.

Customers may also exercise the right to view the data that they have provided by logging into their customer online account.

If you have questions about our privacy statement or if you require more understanding about our privacy practices, contact us by email at info@fineartsbuilding.com or by USPS at the address below:

Fine Arts Building
Attn: Marketing Department
410 S Michigan Avenue
Suite #470
Chicago, IL 60605

Effective Date

Periodically, Fine Arts Building may elect to update these policies in order to best reflect our business practices or to include changes made within our overall operations. Legal regulations may also dictate when updates to these policies are made.

The effective date of this information is December 1, 2021.