The Fine Arts Building


Take a ride up to the 10th floor with the buildings original manually operated elevators. The stairwells are full of historical murals from the early 19th century.

Studebaker Carriage Company

Built in 1885, The Fine Arts Building was originally the carriage assembly and showroom for the Studebaker Company. By 1896, the Studebaker Company outgrew the building and became Chicago’s first fine arts colony, housing some of the most acclaimed artists with national and international impact on the arts.

The History

Who We Are

Robert Berger

Building Owner

Blake Biggerstaff

Property Manager

Amanda Banton

Office Assistant

Berger Realty Group

Berger Realty Group is the management Company of The Fine Arts Building. Robert Berger, owner of BRG, also manages the historical Flat Iron Arts Building located in the heart of Wicker Park.

Along with the two artist building, Berger Realty Group also Manages two vintage residential buildings in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Our Portfolio of Properties