Frequently Asked Questions

The Fine Arts Building Annex rehearsal spaces are located at 410 S Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s south loop and are highly accessible by a range of city buses or trains.

The Fine Arts Building’s Annex Studios rehearsal spaces may be used from 9:00am to 10:00pm.

The Annex Studios are located on the third floor of the Fine Arts Building by way of elevator or stairs.

Available for rehearsals, workshops, audition hosting, classes, or small events, the Fine Arts Building’s Annex Studios rehearsal space is a unique and historic facility that can accommodate the short term needs of your company or production.

The distribution or consumption of alcohol is not permitted in our rehearsal space area.

The Annex Studios include three unique rehearsal spaces that are available for use: Studio A, Studio B, and Studio C.

Licensing can occur on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Depending on availability, custom scheduling is offered. (For example, every Saturday from 12:00 to 2:00 for one month.) Extended buyouts of our rehearsal spaces are also possible.

Rehearsal licenses last for a maximum duration of four months (16 weeks) and are renewable quarterly. For example, a license that begins in January will expire in April. To continue beyond April, a new license would need to be issued beginning in May.

If multiple studio spaces are desired at the same time, please complete separate forms for each studio you would like to license.

Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Studio A $40.00 $320.00 $1,500.00 $4,000.00
Studio B $50.00 $400.00 $2,000.00 $7,000.00
Studio C $60.00 $480.00 $2,500.00 $9,000.00

Daily, between 6 and 8 hours
Weekly, ≥ 5 days in a single week
Monthly, consecutive weeks in a month

Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Studio A $30.00 $240.00 $1,100.00 $3,750.00
Studio B $40.00 $320.00 $1,500.00 $5,500.00
Studio C $50.00 $400.00 $2,000.00 $7,500.00

Daily, between 6 and 8 hours
Weekly, ≥ 5 days in a single week
Monthly, consecutive weeks in a month

Inquirers have 10 business days to confirm use of the space. After submitting the rehearsal inquiry form and indicating that a license is desired, a temporary hold is placed into the master calendar for the requested dates. If the requested dates are not available you will be notified.

After 10 days, all holds are automatically released and made immediately available to other potential licensees.

No. At this time no other eligible discounts for students, teachers, or educators can be applied to the rental fee structure.

Large restrooms, washer/dryer ($1.50 each), and showers are available on the fifth floor of the building. Many single stall restrooms are located on floors 4 through 10. There are no restrooms within the dance studio spaces.

During winter months our studio spaces are equipped with forced radiator heat. The overall temperature of the spaces cannot be adjusted. Air conditioning units are available in studios B and C. Window units are not possible, as mandated by city ordinance, in Studio A which faces Michigan Avenue.

During months of ice, snow, and salt, we ask that all shoes be left outside of the dance studios, away from the marley and wood flooring.

General improvements have been applied to all spaces such as cleaning, resurfacing, repainting, and mild repairs that help keep the space functional. Improvements within our historic space are ongoing.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the Annex Studios to users of the rehearsal spaces, and audio playback is available in each studio.

Yes. However, the rehearsal piano is only available in Studio C. The other rental spaces are not equipped with pianos, and the piano cannot be moved to other spaces. Our rehearsal piano remains available only with Studio C.

Length Width Ceiling  SF Door Max people
Entry Door 3′ 11″ 7′ 2”
Studio A 26′ 5″ 21′ 2” 9′ 10″ 750 2′ 9″ x 7′ 10″ 20
Studio B 42′ 6” 20′ 4″ 10′ 5″ 1050 5′ 8″ x 6′ 10″ 30
Studio C 59′ 5″ 26′ 5″  10′ 7″ 1500 2′ 8″ x 6′ 11″ 45

Image Description: Floorplan of the Annex Rehearsal Studios.

Studio A: Brazilian cherry wood. Sprung subfloor. Tap.

Studio B: Ash. Old Time Step marley. Multi use: ballet, modern, tap. Sprung subfloor.

Studio C: Oak. Semi-sprung subfloor.

Currently the space is only accessible by way of three ascending steps. While creating accommodations for our customers is important, permanent and/or temporary modifications of historic landmark buildings involve many stakeholders and formal, municipal implementation.

Fine Arts Building continues to strive for equal accessibility in all its facilities. Please indicate if you or your party use a wheelchair, walker, motorized scooter, or cane. If accommodations are possible you will be notified in later correspondence.

The Annex Studios are located on the 3rd floor of the Fine Arts Building, and are able to be reached by either elevator or stair. Please note that the only entrance to the Annex Studios is by way of three ascending steps.

Accessible restroom stalls are located one floor up, on the 4th floor. These are accessible by either elevator or stair.

Within the Annex Studios space, doorways and entrances are flat. The entrance to Studio A is a ramp which is 3′ 10″ at its narrowest. The hallway leading to Studio C is 5′ 4″ wide and passes through a 2′ 11″ wide doorway.

Image Description: Floorplan of the Annex Rehearsal Studios.

Doorway measurements are as follows:

Main entrance: 3′ 11″ wide by 7′ 2″ tall

Studio A: 2′ 9″ wide by 7′ 10″ tall

Studio B: 5′ 8″ wide by 6′ 10″ tall

Studio C: 2′ 8″ wide by 6′ 11″ tall

If you have any additional questions about accessibility, please contact us at Thank you!

  1. Complete the Rehearsal Space rental form on the rental page here. Please ensure that you complete the correct form, otherwise you risk a delay in response or being filed with the incorrect party who can assist you. Incorrect form submission can cause unnecessary delay in communication.
  2. Accurately complete the entire submission form. To provide efficient customer service, the information provided in the form automatically generates information we use to identify an inquiry in the queue. It is important that your information is accurately spelled and complete.
  3. Ensure that your dates, times, and rental request information is correct before submitting the form. All required fields should be accurate before submitting your inquiry. You will not be able to resubmit or edit a form that is already in process.
  4. Please do not submit multiple forms regarding the same request; this is very important. Multiple submissions can severely delay processing as the information will have to be manually sorted and merged into a single file. This can add time to your overall inquiry and may delay communications from our offices. Details can be addressed in follow up correspondence from our office.
  5. Forms are processed in the order they have been received. Inquiry forms are placed into a digital queue and our rental representative will contact you through email using the information on file.
  6. After speaking with the rental agent and securing a rental space, your inquiry will be moved into the licensing process. At this time you will receive a digital copy of the Fine Arts Building Licensing agreement, complete with our terms and conditions and the applicable licensing fee. In order to secure your space, this form should be returned as soon as possible. Licenses that are not returned within 7 days of receipt become null in our system. If a license is not signed and returned within 7 days after it has been sent, a new inquiry must be made. The new inquiry will return to the end of the digital queue.
  7. Initial replies to the rehearsal space form occur within 5 to 7 business days and will arrive at the email address provided in the form. Please ensure that responses do not land in your spam or junk folders.

Currently we are able to accept payment through check or credit card. Credit card payments incur a 3.5% fee, plus fifteen cents. For example,  a total for a license of $100.00 paid with credit card would be $103.65.

Payment details will be included with confirmed license information. Payment for rehearsal space must be collected in-full, no fewer than 7 days before license begins.

In accordance with all current local and federal mandates, Fine Arts Building follows all guidelines as directed by public health agencies.

While masks are no longer required while visiting the Fine Arts Building, we encourage guests to use proper masking in the common areas of the building.

Since we strive to provide safe access to our facilities, while supporting the creative pursuits of our licensees and tenants, we ask that visitors consider the benefits of a full vaccination status before using the rehearsal studios.

We advise all licensees consider obtaining either Rapid or PCR testing from all individuals using the space together.

Yes. Before you begin the process of submitting your licensing form, it may be helpful to know that licensees are required to purchase personal liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 through the term of a license and any renewal period. Licensees must also name Fine Arts LLC, Arts Entertainment LLC, and Berger Realty Group LLC as additional insured thereunder.


Thank you!

We hope that this information has helped answer your questions. If you still have questions that are not related to the information above, please include them in your rental form.

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