March 2 9:00 am

9:00am - 2:00pm

In this figure drawing workshop, students are introduced to basic concepts and practice of figure drawing from a live model. Through various drawing exercises and mediums, students will explore shape, proportion, rhythm and dynamics of human form. Students will also create a proportionate rendition of human figure by using measuring technique and block-in method. Emphasis will be on creating a convincing representation of human figure on paper.

Learning Objectives: through instruction and exercises students will learn to:
1. Draw convincing human figure by exploring the gesture and contour of human figure.
2. Create the illusion of human form through the use of value.
3. Use various mediums in expressing dynamics of human figure.
4. Apply the principles of figure drawing to rendering structure and proportion in architectural drawing.

Instructional methods:
Workshop will begin with a short lecture on concepts and principles of figure drawing followed by instructor demonstration, group instruction and rounds of individual instructions while students are drawing from a model. Workshop will end with group critique session.

Materials (any brand from any art material store is acceptable):
1. Newsprint pad, 18”x24”, 50 sheets
2. Colored pencil; brown (preferred), umber or black
3. Conté (chalk); sanguine (preferred) or black
4. Provided by the instructor: drawing board, drawing bench/easel, one quality drawing paper, graphite
pencil and eraser.
* Experienced students may use their own medium of choice (dry medium only).