October 28 8:30 pm

In 1922, a single film altered the course of cinema and established the essence of screen-based horror. After more than a century later, and featuring numerous reinterpretations, F.W. Murneau’s Nosferatu firmly cements its position as the genre cornerstone, captivating audiences with a blend of fear, fascination and fright.

Relive the experience at the historic (and possibly haunted) Studebaker Theater on Saturday, October 28 for a special Halloween screening accompanied by an original score from Chicago’s own doom funk band, Gramps the Vamp. The film will be presented in its original color restoration and German intertitles.

You won’t want to miss this bloody good time.

A limited number of screen printed posters designed by Chicago-based illustrator Ryan Duggan will be available for purchase online.

Artist: Bio Gramps The Vamp is a genre-bending instrumental ensemble that has been exploring the dark corners of heavy groove-based music since 2011. Corralling its eclectic influences (funk, world fusion, surf-rock, jazz, psychedelia, heavy metal, avant-garde) with a unifying retro-cinematic aesthetic, Gramps The Vamp weaves tight grooves, wild experimentation, and lush melodies together into a post-apocalyptic dance party.