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Artistic Fundraising Group

Studio 635

(312) 544-9254

Artistic Fundraising Group provides fundraising strategies and resources to small and midsized nonprofit organizations with our own hybrid model of project execution and traditional consulting. We offer services in all areas of nonprofit fundraising, including major gift strategies, individual giving campaigns, freelance grant writing and proposal review/editing, fundraising training for organizational leadership, multi-year development plans, and foundational workshops in all areas of contributed revenue. In alignment with our values of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Antiracism, and Accessibility (IDEAA), we employ a community-centric fundraising model that invests in equitable relationships between the philanthropic sector and the organizations we serve. Our methodology has proven results, as we raise millions of dollars annually for our clients.

We generate growth in all areas of contributed revenue by building comprehensive, custom fundraising strategies. We take pride in effectively and collaboratively working with each client to develop unique, achievable fundraising solutions that truly work for each organization. Today, Artistic Fundraising Group supports a wide range of nonprofit arts and culture organizations in all artistic disciplines, including theatre, dance, music, independent film, creative writing, and visual art. Our client base has also expanded beyond the arts to include organizations that intersect with education, healthcare, youth development, journalism, and the disability sector.