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Karen Tichy

Studio 701


Karen Tichy is a Chicago abstract mixed media artist known for her encaustic and paper line paintings. She comes from a visual communications design background that is evident in her work. After receiving an MS in Visual Communication from the Institute of Design, IIT, and Chicago, she worked as an interface designer in Boston. There, she also began painting and exploring a variety of media. After returning to her native Chicago in 2008, she established a studio/gallery in the Fine Arts Building where she continues to develop her work through continued experimentation with a variety of media. She has been incorporating encaustic medium with her deconstructed materials since 2009. She has exhibited her work in juried and invited shows in the Boston and now in the Midwest. Karen serves on the leadership committee of the Fine Arts Building Studios Collective and where she established public exhibition spaces and curates art exhibitions. Karen is a member of the Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists, Fused Chicago, a Midwest encaustic artist group, and a studio artist in Studio 701 Gallery in the Fine Arts Building in Chicago.