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Monsieur Pamplemousse

Studio 702


Monsieur Pamplemousse was created in 2002 by Alex Agudo.

The brand’s name means Mr. Grapefruit in French, a nickname that was given to him by his French teacher and classmates in high school, because of his love of grapefruit.

Alex was born in Chicago, but lived most of his childhood in the city of El Empalme in Ecuador. There he discovered his love of nature, which inspires his designs. He returned to Chicago at the age of 12, but continued to travel throughout South America.

His fascination with other cultures also inspires his designs. Incorporating techniques and elements from countries like Brazil, Ghana, and India, he provides the wearer with a globally-inspired piece.

His pieces feature mixed metals and colorful gemstones that are arranged in an asymmetrical fashion. He believes nothing in nature is perfect, everything has beautiful imperfections.

His motto is “There are no mistakes in life, they are simply artistic interpretations”.